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Com First is a New Delhi based niche consulting organisation that specialises in communications regulation, policy and development.

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mission & vision

  • To provide Com First clients’ effective input that represents excellence and value for money.
  • To bring multidisciplinary skills and international and multicultural experience to its work, and to address an increasingly global and convergent sector.
  • To assist in developing an effective regulatory framework which assists the growth of a communication infrastructure and is accessible to all who need it.
  • To work towards sustainability, accountability and gender equity in governance and corporate responsibility with a consumer focus in the corporate sector.
  • To bring together stakeholders – corporate sectors, policymakers, regulators, UN and development agencies, NGOs and civil society organisations, unions, governments and local governing bodies to create an enabling environment for mutual growth, effectiveness and development.
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About History


  • Founder Directors of Com First had achieved considerable success and accolades as individual consultants when they combined their resources in 1993. They had worked successfully in several countries and in a variety of professional environments before they moved to India in the early 1990′s.
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About History